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About NCGI

Our Philosophy

The age old structures of the church have become irrelevant, outdated, unable to withstand the demands of God and are therefore now defunct.

The reformation that is taking place within the church is geared at producing:-

  • Individuals who are aggressively pursuing the heart of God
  • Individuals of great internal strength, character and integrity
  • Individuals who consistently exercise aggressive personal responsibility in every area of their lives
  • Individuals who understand and embrace the principle of journeying and spiritual migration
  • Individuals who are governmental and global in their mindsets and actions
  • Individuals who are impassioned by the formation and maintenance of accurate covenant relationships
  • Individuals who place high value on governmental prayer
  • Individuals whose definition of church transcends a mere Sunday morning activity
  • Individuals who by the accuracy of their lives usher in the return of Christ
  • Individuals whose ultimate aim is to finish their lives accurately, with enduring strength - to hear: "well done thou good and faithful servant"

As members of the N.C.G.I. tribe, these are the values that we embrace. We are building structures that will result in these values permeating EVERY fibre of our lives.