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Core Values


The Issue of Vision (Proverbs 29: 18; Genesis 13:14)

Vision perpetually unfolds as we advance with God - the more mature we become, the more we see.  It is prophetic insight or revelation into who God wants us to become, not just what He wants us to do.  We must all be visionaries.  We need to have clear vision in order to constantly have a healthy spiritual position (that is, a healthy response and commitment to God).  We need to separate ourselves from the “Lots” in our lives in order to have access to clear vision.  Lot points to internal elements of disobedience, false perceptions, people very close to us but of opposing value systems and perspectives.  With such we need to part company.  At the Northgate Centre for Global Impact, our vision is all about producing people not programmes; quality human beings who operate on the same frequency of our ultimate destination - perfection and immortality. 


The Issue of Continuous Spiritual Migration (Deuteronomy 11: 10-11)

We must be aware that the land we are going to is a land of warfare.  It is not like where we are coming from. It is an environment that we cannot manipulate or regulate - only God can.  Therefore we need to be aware of the seasons of God.  Each tribe member must be constantly aware of the journeying process.  We need to engage in accurate obedience (which is our biggest challenge) to God's will to continually migrate spiritually.  To do so, we need to cultivate the spirit of a martyr, so that even if the devil hurts us, it does not deter us one moment from migrating … we just press on.  It calls for us to engage in Aggressive Personal Responsibility.  Our faith in God's vision must be absolute.  We must be fully persuaded in our minds of what God has spoken and by our uncompromising faith, breakthrough any “reality” that militates against the truth of God.  We must be a people of consistency and unfailing strength.  Backsliding is now out of style! It is OUTLAWED!  The mentality that said, “We`re expected to sin now and then” is a lie that we have rejected.  We can do ALL things at ALL times through Christ.


The Issue of Accurate Development of Relationships 

The third core value, the issue of accurate development of relationships, demands that no “ordinary” relationship will fit into the Kingdom. The deliberate building of covenant relationships at all levels will be expected and this comes with the clear understanding of the value of each other.  One part must not “say” to the other part, by attitude or otherwise, “I don't need you” (1 Corinthians 12: 18-21).  This scripture illustrates the fact that though there are different parts to a body, each part has a significant benefit to the entire body.  As members of Northgate we have to constantly evaluate our relationships and place them in their correct context.  We are also throwing out the “soft spirit” mentality, which does not allow for us to give and receive needed rebukes in love.  Lastly, we must be aware of inaccurate distorted loyalties and free ourselves from them (for example, that which Jonathan had towards Saul).


The Issue of Personal Integrity and Godly Character 

Righteousness is key. It is not some farfetched idea.  It is the character of God that we must pursue.  Righteousness is a lifestyle, not a feeling.  We must learn more and more how to wage war by the power of our lifestyles.  We are mandated to invade the earth with the culture of heaven, by activating the technology of being in this world, but not of it.  A lifestyle of integrity and Godly character is our only guarantee to victory over the devil.  We are of those who not only seek God`s power, but also His character and we do not compromise to accommodate highly gifted people with distorted values. 


The Issue of Continual Accessing of Present Truth (Proverbs 25: 2; 2 Peter 1: 12; Proverbs 4: 18; James 1: 5; Colossians 2: 2-3)

There are still a lot of hidden things for us to search out and as we advance with God light shines brighter in our minds.  We must, therefore, quickly and accurately pursue and advance into the unfolding wisdom of God.  God never reverts to a former position, and as He advances what was once seen as light may become darkness. Therefore our mentality must be flexible to accommodate the move of God as He is always pointing to new things (for example, rivers in the desert).  We must commit ourselves to being always relevant to the new demands and seasons of God, and to being aware of the necessity for every new spiritual technology.  God's calendar is not determined by the calendars of men, and so we must continually be accessing God's wisdom.  Those who do not understand what God is doing now will be “eaten by the enemy” (Matthew 13: 19).  Finally, we must respond quickly and accurately to the unfolding revelation of God, because God is moving quickly.  We are becoming a people of great capacity to contain what God is saying and we will have to sacrifice to lay hold of the new.


The Issue of Celebrating A Complete Kingdom Perspective Of Our Resources

We must all be fully aware that everything we have belongs to God - not us. (“The Lord gives and takes away,” “The earth is the Lord's,” “God gives the power to get wealth”…)  We need to get out of being in bondage to our resources.  We can only really own a thing when we can freely give it away.  If we cannot, then it owns us.  We are excited to worship God with our giving.  We give because we love God and we are aware that he is taking note of our attitude and motives in giving.  At N.C.G.I., we all understand that the advance of the Kingdom is expensive.  Everything costs money and we are not a stingy people.  Everyone sees it as his or her duty to become financially responsible for the vision.  We fully believe that investing in the Kingdom is extremely rewarding. If your heart is here as a member, your treasures will be here also.  We must store up treasures in heaven.